Wednesday, June 5, 2013


            Hey guys!!! Looking for a great new way to reduce the signs of aging with a spa product?  Then look no further.  MTherapy is a brand new, state of the art, spa treatment that you can use at home.  You can find it at  It has been proved in multiple studies to reduce the signs of aging by opening your pores and releasing 20 nutrients into your skin.  Not only is this healthy, it is also extremely relaxing. 
            The process is simple.  You plug in the MTherapy, and insert the pod.  After that you can sit and relax for two minutes as the spa system works for you.  Within the next 30 minutes you should already see a healthier glow and less visible wrinkles.  I will try to do a video review on my YouTube channel so people can understand how simple the process really is.
Personally, I love the fact that it was created by a doctor and went through multiple studies before being brought public.  In one private study, 71 % of testers found that their skin was brighter, and 57 % found that they had less wrinkles and tighter pores.  This product from Paris is a whole new way to reduce the signs of aging.  I am fortune enough to be asked to talk about and review the product for them.
                One of the best parts is their incredible refund policy.  If after 8 sessions you are not receiving the desired results, you can return it.  They won’t ask any questions and you will get a full reimbursement.  This is because they believe in satisfying customers, and they know the product will work!

            The only downside I see is that it starts at a premium (325,00 €).  The best way to justify the price is by realizing how much money over your life time you will be spending on anti-age creams, BOTOX, etc.  With MTherapy you don’t need to use any of those items while still receiving the same desired results.  I recommend if you can afford it to give it a shot and try it out.


Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Goody QuikStyle Great Hair Brush

I was lucky enough to get selected for the Influenster Holiay Box.  To summarize is a social site that allows you to test products for free when selected.  I love it and you should totally join :)

I really liked this hair brush.  At first I thought the towel like parts in between the bristles was strange, but it helped my hair dry faster.  I also loved the grip of the brush.  It is affordable, and easy to travel with.  If you struggle with fly aways and hair snags this is a good brush for you.

I have linked some helpful information below if you are interested in the brush.  Again, this is my honest opinion because Influenster wants real reviews, not fake stuff.

Here are the links: