Sunday, July 29, 2012

Already Starting to Think about School


So with August right around the corner, I am back to thinking about my new school purchases.  Besides all the notebooks and school supplies I need, I was beginning to think about some new clothes items I need (just kidding, want).  First off, I need new skinny jeans.  I probably own like 10 pairs right now so I can get away with just one new pair of jeans.  I found these on for about $35.  That's pretty good.

I also really wanted a pair of Tom's shoes.  I think they are the perfect combination of stylish and comfortable.  For the most part they are under $50 which is great.   I love how they look with skinny jeans, summer dresses, and shorts!

The final thing right now I really want would be a pair of Tory Burch flats, but they are like $250 and I would need to give it to myself as a Christmas present.  That would be a long time from now haha.  What is on your back to school list? Is it too early to start looking?  Hope your summer is still going strong!


Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Finally joining the world of Ebay

First off, I apologize for not being around recently.  I was on a trip for my college the last month.  It was absolutely amazing, but left no time to get on the computer and post updated information.

Now, on to my new obsession.  While we were away my friend was saying how his family uses Ebay for everything, from Christmas presents to necessities.  I have always been afraid of using Ebay because I didn't want to be scammed, but I finally decided to give it a shot and bid on 2 items.  One I lost (poor cowboy boots), but the other one I won!!! It was a small Vera Bradley bag. It was so exciting and instantly gratifying.  Hopefully within the week I'll be able to show you what it looks like, but for now this is what it is SUPPOSED to look like.  Does anyone else use Ebay?? Any tips? Hope your summer is fabulous!