Saturday, January 28, 2012


Alright, I just wanted to let you know I received the credit for the free $10 Target gift card after a $25 purchase on  I needed the new stuff I got from this haul so I figured it was a good idea to go through ebates to do it.  Now I am going to be receiving a discount check back which is great.  I am in no way sponsered by them, I just wanted to share a great way to get some money back on purchases because I have been tight on money lately.  And every dollar counts haha. Well let me know if anyone has tried it, and if you want to sign up you can go to or click this link:  It is FREE to join!

I also told my mom about the site, and she uses it all the time.  So it is TOTALLY mom approved! haha

Friday, January 27, 2012

Quick Sephora Buy

Well, it's officially Friday!!! Thank goodness.  This week seemed to last forever, but as a pick me up I just ordered the Nars Wicked Attraction Set from  It looks so pretty.

It has my favorite blush/bronze set in orgasm and laguna.  As well as a few other mini size products I want to try.  It was only $49.  I hope it's worth it, but I really wanted a special treat!

Do you girlie's ever splurge at the mall or online after a hard week at school?

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Beauty to Get Ready for the Beach


I know I haven't written in the longest time, but I finally have a short haul of new products I got to get ready for the beach.  I realize that it is only January, but all of the sudden I am so so SO ready for summer.

I finally got up the nerve to color my hair.  My natural hair color is pretty similar so it won't be a huge change, but it is one of my fears, so I feel I finally I need to give it a shot.  I'll post before and after pics when I do it.

Alright so I also bought Jergens lotion.  I have used it before, and I love how natural it looks.  It takes about 2 weeks to get darker, but its worth it to get ready for my trip to Hawaii.

I also got the matching face lotion.  Hopefully, it will be better for my skin because it is less oily.

I re-bought this because I absolutely loved it.  It naturally lightened my hair while I blow dried and straightened it.  It also is a heat p protector.  The only problem is it runs out fast so I really should have got 2.

Well that was it.  I am trying really hard to not buy any new make up til I hit pan on a few products, but I'm sure I'll give in soon.  Have a great day ~liveoutloud


2000 Views I can't believe it!!! Thanks to everyone who has checked out my blog.  New haul blog is coming out tomorrow.  Love you all ~liveoutloud

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Back To Beauty-Sephora Style

Hey Hey! I have to apologize that my last few posts have nothing to do with cute clothes and beauty products.  But without further a do I just wanted to share a few of the little beauty gifts I got for Christmas.  I adore them and realize that I am a little to obsessed with Sephora'll see what I mean in a minute!

This is the lash blast kit and it is $32 right now.  I am obsessed with mascara at the the point that I am worried for myself.  Needless to say I believe that this kit has it all.  I love trying mini sizes especially because it quickly helps me weed out the ones that I do not like!

I needed a straightener for bangs and this mini one is perfect! It was only $9.  I also think I am going to use it while I travel.  Though I worn you that it will take longer than usual to straighten your hair since it is a mini-size.

The last thing I got was the Urban Decay Naked 2 palette.  I loved the first one and decided it was worth a shot.  I'll let you know what I think later.

Hope everyone had a great holiday!!! Let me know if you have any favorite Sephora products.  ~liveoutloud

New Year's Resolutions

First things first!!! I emailed the winners of the contest. I put this info in their emails, but if they don't respond by the 15th of January I'll redraw for a new entry.  So congrats and hopefully I will be hearing from you two shortly!

Anyway here are my 3 new resolutions
1. To run a marathon
2. Stop biting my nails (its a disgusting habit that I CANNOT stop...until now)
3. Always wash my face at the end of the day. NO sleeping with make up at night.
4. Learn to play the guitar.
5. Get at least 75 subscribers to my blog by August 2012 (I started my blog in Aug. 2011) and I'll need your help on that one haha

What are your resolutions???