Thursday, January 26, 2012

Beauty to Get Ready for the Beach


I know I haven't written in the longest time, but I finally have a short haul of new products I got to get ready for the beach.  I realize that it is only January, but all of the sudden I am so so SO ready for summer.

I finally got up the nerve to color my hair.  My natural hair color is pretty similar so it won't be a huge change, but it is one of my fears, so I feel I finally I need to give it a shot.  I'll post before and after pics when I do it.

Alright so I also bought Jergens lotion.  I have used it before, and I love how natural it looks.  It takes about 2 weeks to get darker, but its worth it to get ready for my trip to Hawaii.

I also got the matching face lotion.  Hopefully, it will be better for my skin because it is less oily.

I re-bought this because I absolutely loved it.  It naturally lightened my hair while I blow dried and straightened it.  It also is a heat p protector.  The only problem is it runs out fast so I really should have got 2.

Well that was it.  I am trying really hard to not buy any new make up til I hit pan on a few products, but I'm sure I'll give in soon.  Have a great day ~liveoutloud

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  1. cant wait to try the john frida lightner! :) follow me back