Sunday, July 29, 2012

Already Starting to Think about School


So with August right around the corner, I am back to thinking about my new school purchases.  Besides all the notebooks and school supplies I need, I was beginning to think about some new clothes items I need (just kidding, want).  First off, I need new skinny jeans.  I probably own like 10 pairs right now so I can get away with just one new pair of jeans.  I found these on for about $35.  That's pretty good.

I also really wanted a pair of Tom's shoes.  I think they are the perfect combination of stylish and comfortable.  For the most part they are under $50 which is great.   I love how they look with skinny jeans, summer dresses, and shorts!

The final thing right now I really want would be a pair of Tory Burch flats, but they are like $250 and I would need to give it to myself as a Christmas present.  That would be a long time from now haha.  What is on your back to school list? Is it too early to start looking?  Hope your summer is still going strong!


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