Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Bath and Body Works Candles

Hey guys!!

(picture from bath and body works website)

I just lit a brand new Bath and Body works candle in scent Frosted Cranberry, and decided I had to talk about how much I love these candles.  Now personally, I do believe they are a tad bit expensive.  I wanted to get 2 for $20 large candles so I had to spend the same amount of money on the medium size...which was unfortuante.  I still love them though.  They last for a decently long time.  I also abolutely love the new Yankee Candle I bought.  They came out with Christmas scents and I am using the Christmas Magic one.  I know it is way to early for christmas, but I can't help it.  These candles are keeping me happy through the hurricane.  I wish you could smell how good this candle smells right now.  Do you like bath and body works candles? How about Yankee Candles?  What's your favorite scent?


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