Saturday, October 22, 2011

ADORABLE Pumpkin Picking Outfit

As we come to the end of October there is just one more thing to check off the list before Halloween...PUMPKIN PICKING.  Not only is it a ton of fun, it is great to be with your friends and outside in the fresh, crisp air.  This is why pumpkin picking season is the perfect time to show off your new, cozy fall wardrobe.  Here's some of my fave's for fall!
The colored jean trend is so cute right now.  It is a little bold, but hey, you only live once, so why not try it?
I found these in Forever21.  They also come in brown, which is another fall trend color, but I thought they were cuter in green.
This oversize sweater is perfect for toning down the bright pants.  It is really soft and looks great with a scarf.  It is a put together outfit, that doesn't make you look like you are trying to hard, but keeps you looking fashionable.  This was from Forever21.
Finally, until this year I didn't find this style shoe very attractive.  I tried these on in Forever21 (in case you haven't noticed its my favorite store!) and thought they looked really original.  I guess I have become more open about my fashion choices this year.  Which is great! When I went pumpkin picking I wore these with my jeans tucked into the top of the shoes.  I thought it added a little bit of flare to the outfit.
When I am out in the fresh air, I like to be warm and comfortable.  I loved this outfit because it was kind of off-color and certainly not what every girl would wear.  But it is still fashionable and with a scarf and some jewelry you would have the perfect pumpkin picking/fall outfit!!!

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